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Enclume Pot Rack

Enclume Design Products

Handcrafted Enclume racks hang in fine homes everywhere. The Enclume pot rack sets the standard for all ceiling racks. High quality, handworked steel is the basis of the Enclume design and graceful accents make each Enclume rack a piece of working art. Choose an Enclume copper rack or polished stainless steel for added flair. Display your pots with confidence!

The Enclume rack in signature hammered steel or copper. Pot racks with grace!
Enclume Oval Pot Rack
Enclume oval pot racks - the classic ceiling rack from Enclume.
Rectangular Pot Racks
An Enclume rectangular rack maximizes storage space for your kitchen pots.
Decor Pot Racks
The Enclume decor pot rack line features the most artistic of the Enclume racks.
Wall Pot Racks
Enclume wall pot racks turn wasted areas into storage. Use alone or with a ceiling rack.
Round Pot Racks
Tight on space? Try an Enclume round pot rack. Perfect for condo or apartment.
Bar Pot Racks
Use an Enclume bar pot rack with an Enclume ceiling rack and hang even more!
Freestanding Pot Racks
Don't want to stretch? Use an Enclume freestanding pot rack.
Hooks, Chains, & Brackets
Hooks, chains and brackets for your Enclume ceiling rack and wall pot racks.