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Here are your fully functional classic dinner plates, available in each pattern, whether it be Unikat, Traditional, or Signature Series and in two sizes. The dinner plate 24 is perfect for those who eat smaller portions or who like a medium size plate for luncheon while the the standard dinner plate is perfect for any meal. Not only do they make dinner, or any meal for that matter, look like a masterpiece, but they can be used as a decorative plate for a striking accent in any room. The ceramic dinnerware could even be used as a serving plate for any meal or appetizers, and combined with a Polish Pottery cereal bowl; it makes a great party tray for chips veggies or chips and dip!

Skilled Polish artists handcraft and paint each piece of Polish Pottery. The most accomplished artists create their own work from start to finish and put their signature on the bottom. Florence Adams is proud to offer you these truly unique pieces!