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John Boos Kitchen Islands
John Boos Kitchen Islands come in all shapes and sizes...
John Boos Butcher Blocks
A Boos block butcher block table will take your cooking to new heights!
Boos Block Cutting Board
A Boos board in native hardwood is the perfect compliment to any kitchen!
Butcher Block, Mystery Oil, Board Cream, EZ-DO Polyurethane Gel
Protect your Boos cutting boards and butcher blocks with the same high quality product used in the factory. To keep your Boos product looking beautiful, treat it with cream or oil it every 3-4 weeks. Details below…
John Boos Kitchen Cart
The John Boos cart combines butcher block with sleek stainless steel.
John Boos Steel Shelves and Pot Racks
John Boos shelves are food safe stainless steel with a contemporary look.
John Boos Kitchen Countertops
With choices in end grain and edge grain, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Oak, John Boos kitchen counter tops are a fit for almost any project. Give us a call at 888-977-3110 for help, or for a quote on custom sizes, shapes, cutouts, edge profiles, and more.

John Boos 101 - A Boos Block Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we'll dedicate some time to an overview of the different product categories from John Boos and then we'll finish by answering some common questions. So without further ado:

John Boos Islands

There are a few key factors that should be considered when you choose a John Boos Island. Arguably the most important factor is the size of your space. You need to make sure that the island is not only proportional to the space, but also gives ample room on all sides to get around it. If you are cutting it a bit close on space, choosing an island with rounded corners like the John Boos Harvest Table, or the Elliptical C Table will help. The next thing to examine is the theme that you want in your kitchen. Do you want a comfortable country look, in which case islands like the John Boos Jasmine Block, and Gathering Block work well, or are you looking for the more updated look you get with one of our stainless steel and maple islands like the Cucina Grande. Once you've decided on the size and look that you want, you just need to decide what options you would like; do you want, drawers, shelves, locking casters, etc.?

John Boos Carts

A John Boos Cart offers great flexibility in your kitchen. If you want to have an extra workspace at times, but still be able to move it out in order to maximize space, a kitchen cart may be your best bet. The same considerations of size and theme apply to carts as they do to islands. Popular choices are the Cucina Elegante (CUCE50), the Cucina D'Amico (CUCD15), and the Cucina Technica (CUCT24). Equipped with commercial grade locking casters, your Boos Block Cart will be ready to roll for a very long time.

Boos Butcher Blocks

When you hear the words "Boos Block", they are usually referring to the traditional butcher blocks originally produced by the Boos Company. John Boos calls them the "Blocks that Made Boos famous" With blocks available up to 16" thick, we're pretty confident that these are beefy enough for the most exacting of chefs. Many of the blocks like the PCA block, Saratoga Farm Block, and the Pro Prep Block are available with casters just like the carts. Some of the heavier blocks like the AA Block and Grooved Block don't have casters available. Almost all the Butcher blocks come in end grain with an oil finish; these are made for chopping after all!

Boos Cutting Boards

Almost everyone has seen a John Boos cutting board. Featured on Master Chef and many shows from Food Network, it's clear that the Boos Board is the cutting board of choice for chefs and cooks at all levels. As you shop for your cutting board be sure to pay attention to size and weight. Many of the boards can get pretty difficult to move around, if you aren't planning on just leaving them in place. We have everything from basics to specialty boards with juice grooves and pans.

Butcher Block Countertops

Boos butcher block countertops or island tops, offer a huge array of options. We would be happy to help you navigate your way through these options to determine what size, thickness, grain, finish, edge profile and more you would like on your top. We are able to request custom sizes, sink cutouts, edge profiles like the ogee edge and more.

How do I choose the right piece for my kitchen?

You should begin by examining the space you have available, in terms of size, color, look, and existing furniture. If you have a small kitchen, be careful not to make the space claustrophobic by adding too large a butcher block island or cart. Decide what minimum clearance you need on all side of the piece and build your prospect list from there. If you want to keep things flexible, go with a John Boos cart. They come with locking casters that make it a stable work surface when needed, while still allowing it to roll around when you want. In terms of look, John Boos offers options ranging from country farmhouse, to ultra-modern stainless steel. Choosing your theme will narrow the options substantially.

What woods are available from John Boos, and which is the best?

We are happy to offer 3 primary options with a fourth option available in limited pieces. The main options are Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. Some pieces are available in Oak. All four woods will offer great quality and durability. Maple is the least expensive and hardest of the four, making it the most popular choice. Walnut and Cherry are a little more costly, but deep colors that will make a statement in any space.

>What finishes can I get on My Boos Block top?

John Boos produces 2 finishes; an oil finish, and a varnique finish. The oil finish is intended for chopping and requires routine maintenance to keep the top in good shape. Boos Mystery Oil, or Beeswax Board Cream will do a great job on this. The varnique finish seals the top giving it a slight sheen and reducing the amount of maintenance required. You will not be able to chop on the varnique finish. Most John Boos furniture pieces are available in either a varnique, or oil finish, but it's important to make sure that you know which finish is standard before you order. If you should order an oil finish and decide after the fact that you won't be cutting on it, and would like it sealed, just give us a call and order some John Boos EZ-DO polyurethane gel to seal it. This will give you a high quality varnique finish.</p>
<h2>What colors are available from Boos?

You can choose from a great selection of painted or stained finishes. Ranging from Caviar Black to Not all pieces have color options, so you will want to review the product page for the item you like to determine what's available. If you want to make sure a color will work for you, we are happy to mail you color samples so you can see them in person.

How difficult is it to take care of my Boos Block?

Maintaining your Butcher Block top or cutting board is pretty simple. It will just take the use of mineral oil or beeswax cream to keep it looking like new. If your board or block gets rough over time, a quick sanding will smooth it out easily. To see complete care instructions, and a list of the boos block care products we have available, go here

What's the difference between end grain and Edge grain?

An end grain cutting board or top is made up of many square chunks of wood glued together side by side so that their ends form the cutting surface. This creates a checkerboard effect. The end grain offers a slightly softer surface for knives thus extending their life. Edge grain boards and blocks are made up of long slats or rails of wood that run the length of the board and are glued side by side.

If I add casters, will the table or cart be that much taller?

Nope, when you add casters, we'll be sure to cut down the legs to correspond. That way the table or card will stay at the advertised height whether it has casters or not.