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Enclume pot racks, home decor and Enclume kitchen furniture in high-carbon steel.
Enclume Pot Racks
The Enclume rack in signature hammered steel or copper. Pot racks with grace!
Fireplace and Hearth Accessories
Sturdy log racks, durable tools, and graceful Enclume fireplace screens.
Enclume Kitchen Furniture
Hand-selected maple & rolling casters with an Enclume steel frame.
Enclume Home Decor
Enclume design for the home. Wine racks, fruit baskets, & even a dinner triangle!

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Enclume Pot Rack
When choosing a rack, what should I consider?
You should consider what style you like, how many pots you want to hang up, how tall your ceiling is, and the height of the person using the rack (and what a comfortable reach is for them).
How do I figure out what size rack I need? (see next question for an example using actual numbers)
Get a measuring tape. Stand next to your kitchen wall and reach up as though you were reaching for the bottom of a hanging pot. Make a mark on the wall where the bottom of the pot would be. This mark is your "reaching height" (remember: you do not need to be able to reach the hooks on your pot rack. You only need to reach the bottom of the pot to lift it off the hook).
Now, measure down from your ceiling to your “reaching height” mark. This measurement is the space that needs to accommodate the height of your rack and the length of your average pots (keep in mind that some pots have long handles and some have short handles).
Ok, but can you give me an example using actual numbers?
Suppose that you are 5’6” and can comfortably reach up to 6’2” (your “reaching height”). Suppose that your ceiling is nine feet tall. Nine feet minus 6’2” is 34 inches. Your rack and average-length pots all need to fit within those 34 inches of space (again, keep in mind that some pots have long handles and some have short handles).
How do I know how tall the Enclume rack is?
All Enclume racks have a listed height. This is from the ceiling to the bottom of the pot hook.
A small, two-cup pot is about 10” long, while a medium skillet (with handle) is about 21” long. Using the example above, let’s say that your rack and pots need to fit within 34 inches of space. If you buy a 22” rack, then your pots will range from 32 inches (10” plus 22”) to 43 inches (21” plus 22”) below the ceiling. You may have to stretch a bit to reach the two-cup pot, but the rack should work nicely without any adjustments.
What is the best height for a rack?
Hold your arm in the air and reach for the cookware you will be hanging. You need to be able to maneuver the fixed hole in the cookware handle or side hook onto the pot hook. For cookware with floppy hanging holes, the rack height may need to be lowered a bit to accommodate this type of handle.
What about if my rack hangs over an island?
Consider the size of the island in relation to the dimensions of the rack and the possible need to not only reach up but also to reach in to grasp the cookware.
(click on Enclume FAQs for other general Enclume questions)
New owners say that Enclume products are the finest they've seen anywhere. Four reasons why:
1. In a mass-produced world, Enclume provides old-world craftsmanship!
Enclume products (pronounced Ahn-Kloom) are hand wrought by skilled craftsmen on traditional French metal-forming equipment at Enclume's factory in Port Hadlock, Washington. Products are inspected for quality after every step of the manufacturing process and then each piece is hand wrapped to ensure that you receive it in pristine condition. You won't find a better rack at any price!
2. A product is only as good as its materials.
The strength of Enclume's products rest on their raw materials, like highcarbon steel and hand-selected Eastern maple. Enclume racks are forged of steel up to twice as thick as the closest competitors'. Copper, brass and chrome racks are electroplated, then painstakingly hand-polished to a stunning mirror finish.
3. That's how a cookware rack is supposed to look!
When you think classic designs and timeless old-world styles (including new contemporary styles), that's Enclume! Enclume cookware racks feature their signature hanging arms supporting the main rim, rather than competitors' lightweight chains hooked through a thin rim. Enclume hammered steel is recognized as the standard in cookware rack finishes.
4. Heirloom quality that can be passed along for generations!
Forged to last a lifetime in classic contemporary designs, your Enclume cookware rack will become a treasured heirloom to be passed on through the generations.
Enclume products combine traditions of skilled metal crafting and close attention to detail to create pot racks and related products of lasting value.
While Enclume craftsmen use time-honored French metal-forming equipment, all key fabrication steps are performed by hand. Enclume products are completed in small lots of 30 to 60, with close attention to detail. Each of these lots represents the efforts of skilled humans, not machines.
Flat bar steel is the raw material underpinning all Enclume pieces.
Each Enclume product begins with the best hot-rolled steel available from the largest and most consistent mills to provide the backbone for the hammered steel products. This material is ideally-suited for the rich, distressed look of the Enclume signature finish.
Enclume stainless steel products are all crafted from the finest 304 material on the market. And the process for brushing our stainless steel bar to a uniform satin finish has improved to near perfection.
For Enclume's copper or chrome plated products, the key is top quality cold-rolled steel. Only the best quality steel can be processed to accept plating that can be polished to an unblemished, mirror finish. Plated racks from Enclume are the best on the market.
Second party materials that go into Enclume products, like hanging grids for pot racks or Eastern maple tops for kitchen furniture all follow one standard: the quality must equal or exceed that of Enclume-made products. Own the best in quality, durability and classic design - own Enclume!