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Frequent Questions and their Answers

What is included with an Enclume pot rack?

Rack components, mounting ceiling screw hooks (lag bolts for wall-mounted racks), and a supply of pot hooks are all included. Assembly instructions and a wrench are also included.

Grid (unless otherwise noted), additional hooks, chain and extension hooks are accessories and must be ordered separately.

What is Hammered Steel?

Hot-rolled steel is used in Enclume’s proprietary process to manufacture the signature “hammered steel.” This handsome finish has a rich distressed patina and a protective coating to minimize maintenance.

What is a plated finish?

Brass, chrome and copper finishes are applied to cold-rolled steel using electroplating to achieve the smooth hard surface and crisp clean lines that are distinctive to Enclume plated racks. The copper racks are plated with two layers of copper and the brass and chrome racks are plated with a layer of copper and then a layer of nickel before the brass or chrome is applied. Enclume’s plated finishes have greater strength and durability than solid brass and copper products currently available elsewhere.

What maintenance factors should I consider in selecting a particular finish?

Stainless steel, hammered steel, and chrome are all considered low maintenance. Enclume’s copper and brass plated finishes are not lacquered. Over time, these finishes will develop a patina or you can keep them bright with regular polishing using a non-abrasive cleaner. It is very important that all trace of cleaner be removed, however or the finish will tarnish again immediately.

Stainless steel can be maintained with Scotch Brite. Just be sure to only rub the pad in one direction to avoid unnecessary scratching. Maintenance guidelines are included with Enclume assembly instructions.

Why is knowing the location of the ceiling joist and wall stud locations critical to proper installation?

Consider the weight of the rack itself and the cookware to be placed on it. An installed rack should hold the hanging weight of a 200 pound person. A secure installation is a safe one; therefore, it is critical to thread the ceiling screw hook into a wood joist or the lag bolt into the wall stud (joists are parallel beams from wall to wall that support the ceiling. Studs are the upright posts in the framework of a wall that support the drywall or wall covering).

Mounting racks into brick masonry or metal require special mounting considerations and additional hardware specific for that purpose, such as masonry expansion bolts. Consult a professional in your area to review all aspects of this type of installation.

What if my joists or studs are not in the proper place for installing the rack?

Adjustments sometimes can be made to the style of a rack to accommodate a special installation situation. There is also something called a ceiling plate which can be custom made when the hanging points on the rack are not compatible with the joist placement. Florence Adams will work with you to evaluate your circumstances and suggest alternatives for your consideration before you make your purchase decision.

What about low ceiling considerations?

Whether the ceiling is low or the person is tall, specific racks have been designed for this need. Considering how you plan to use your rack as part of the selection process is a valuable exercise. As a focal point in the kitchen, your Enclume rack will provide the form and function to artfully display your cookware at its finest. Please note that chain and extension hooks are considered accessories and need to be added to your rack purchase.

What’s the difference between a straight hook and angled pot hook?

A straight pot hook lies flat and when placed on a rack allows for the flat surface of your cookware to face you. An angled pot hook is bent at a 90-degree angle and allows for nesting the cookware close together and using the rack space more efficiently.

Why should I purchase an Enclume rack?

Quality, durability and classic design. Quite simply, an Enclume rack is the finest cookware rack made and the best rack you can buy.

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