Choosing The Right Pot Rack

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Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Enclume Pot Rack

When choosing a rack, what should I consider?

You should consider what style you like, how many pots you want to hang up, how tall your ceiling is, and the height of the person using the rack (and what a comfortable reach is for them).

How do I figure out what size rack I need? (see next question for an example using actual numbers)

Get a measuring tape. Stand next to your kitchen wall and reach up as though you were reaching for the bottom of a hanging pot. Make a mark on the wall where the bottom of the pot would be. This mark is your "reaching height" (remember: you do not need to be able to reach the hooks on your pot rack. You only need to reach the bottom of the pot to lift it off the hook).

Now, measure down from your ceiling to your “reaching height” mark. This measurement is the space that needs to accommodate the height of your rack and the length of your average pots (keep in mind that some pots have long handles and some have short handles).

Ok, but can you give me an example using actual numbers?

Suppose that you are 5’6” and can comfortably reach up to 6’2” (your “reaching height”). Suppose that your ceiling is nine feet tall. Nine feet minus 6’2” is 34 inches. Your rack and average-length pots all need to fit within those 34 inches of space (again, keep in mind that some pots have long handles and some have short handles).

How do I know how tall the Enclume rack is?

All Enclume racks have a listed height. This is from the ceiling to the bottom of the pot hook.

A small, two-cup pot is about 10” long, while a medium skillet (with handle) is about 21” long. Using the example above, let’s say that your rack and pots need to fit within 34 inches of space. If you buy a 22” rack, then your pots will range from 32 inches (10” plus 22”) to 43 inches (21” plus 22”) below the ceiling. You may have to stretch a bit to reach the two-cup pot, but the rack should work nicely without any adjustments.

What is the best height for a rack?

Hold your arm in the air and reach for the cookware you will be hanging. You need to be able to maneuver the fixed hole in the cookware handle or side hook onto the pot hook. For cookware with floppy hanging holes, the rack height may need to be lowered a bit to accommodate this type of handle.

What about if my rack hangs over an island?

Consider the size of the island in relation to the dimensions of the rack and the possible need to not only reach up but also to reach in to grasp the cookware.

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