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Catskill Islands

Catskill Islands

Presenting Catskill islands. North American hardwoods and 60 years of production make each Catskill Craftsmen kitchen island a work of art… and utility. Catskill kitchen islands come in multiple sizes to fit each chef’s space and are loaded with features, including butcher block tops, smooth glide drawers, and locking casters. Browse these Catskill Craftsmen islands and enjoy their beauty and value.

The Catskill kitchen island is Catskill's premier chopping block surface!

Catskill Craftsmen FAQ

When will my Catskill order ship?
Catskill products are shipped within 72 hours of the receipt of your order.
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How do I keep my Catskill board, block or island sanitized?
Keep your Catskill Craftsmen products clean by simply washing them with hot soapy water after each use and drying them with a clean paper towel or letting them air dry. If you want to sanitize the blocks more thoroughly, use a diluted mixture of chlorine bleach or vinegar solution consisting of one teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach in one quart of water or a 1 to 5 dilution of vinegar. Do not soak or submerge the blocks in water, for this will disrupt the moisture content and cause the rails to split. Wood cutting boards are NOT dishwasher safe.
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How do I maintain and prolong the life of my Catskill Craftsmen board, block or island?
It is extremely important to give your Catskill products a good oiling on all surfaces every 3-4 weeks. Your blocks shipped from the factory with a penetrating oil finish which allows for great cutting, chopping, and slicing. We recommend keeping the blocks oiled with a natural mineral oil. When the blocks become dry and lighter in color, you know that the time has come to re-oil your blocks.
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Do I use the same cutting board for fish or poultry that I use for vegetables?
Although wood cutting boards DO NOT harbor bacteria, it is a good habit to use separate boards for different types of food prep. For example, use one for raw meat, poultry, or fish, and another for cooked or ready-to-eat foods such as salad, vegetables, and breads. This will ensure protection against cross contamination and will prevent the spreading of certain food borne bacteria such as E-Coli
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