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The Bosch Mixer is a kitchen workhorse! Building on the success of the Bosch Universal Mixer, the Bosch Universal Plus brings more power with an amazing 800W, a sleek new look, & the same quality accessories in the Bosch blender, food processor, & more.

Why the Bosch Mixer?

The Bosch Mixer is easily the best in its class. Built with the same quality we have always seen from Bosch mixers, the newest version, the Bosch Universal Plus MUM6N10UC is the result of over 50 years of refinements and masterful design. Demonstrating this is pretty simple if we take a look at a few of the qualities that set it apart:

Power - With its 800-Watt motor it has easily more power than any other mixer in the same price range including Kitchen-Aid Professional series mixers. All that power allows it to knead up to 15 lbs (8 large loaves) of bread dough or cookie dough. It is no wonder people often call it the Bosch bread mixer; you will never need to worry about straining the motor.

Finesse - The Bosch stand mixer isn't just about power, it is also capable of the sort of finesse required to whip up a fluffy meringue. Toss in a single egg white and the wire whips (designed to turn as they move around the bowl) will do the trick in a jiffy.

Painstaking Design - Unlike most stand mixers the Bosch Mixer's bowl and attachments are driven from underneath rather than over the top. This makes it super easy to add ingredients and to see what's going on in the bowl without slopping them all over the mixer body. A splash ring to allows ingredient addition while the mixer is running and a lid give complete coverage of the entire bowl to completely remove the possibility of splashing. The innovative 3-prong dough hook design allows it to fully incorporate ingredients in just a few rotations.

Versatility - To simply call this the Bosch bread mixer would be a bit simplistic; the "Bosch Kitchen Machine" is a better fit, a versatile tool for all kinds of tasks in the kitchen with a ton of available accessories to make the cook's life easier, but we'll talk about those in a minute…What's important here is to cover the dual drive system that has a high speed drive to power attachments like the blender and a high torque drive to power the dough hook etc.

Ease of Use - Let's not forget to cover how easy it is to use this mixer and how easy it is to clean it. You get 4 mixing speeds as well as a pulse position.

Bosch Mixer Accessories

The Bosch Mixer has a bunch of great attachments. Built with the same quality and thoughtful design as the mixer itself, they are not afterthoughts that are unwieldy to use, but fit well on the low stance of the base unit.

Bosch Blender MUZ6MX3 - The Bosch blender is the most popular of the Bosch Mixer attachments. It operates on the high-speed drive of the mixer. This is a quality blender that will do a great job preparing drinks, soup, sauces, crush ice, etc. It has a 100% BPA-free jar with a 6 cup capacity, a lid that locks on for safety, and a 4-pronged stainless steel blade (two prongs pointing down and 2 pointing up). The blade is removable for easy cleaning.

Bosch Food Processor MUZ6MM3 - The Bosch Food Processor Attachment

Bosch Slicer Shredder MUZ6TS5

What's the difference between the New Bosch Universal Plus, and the Bosch Universal?

Let's go over the some of the tweaks Bosch made to the Bosch Universal Mixer to get to the new and improved Universal Plus Mixer:

More Power - First, Bosch added even more power bringing the latest edition to a whopping 800 Watt of power as opposed to the 700-Watt motor found in the Bosch Universal.

6 Position vs. 5 Position switch - The Bosch Universal Plus now features a 4th speed position. Adding this made the lowest speed lower and the highest speed higher, so it's a double benefit.

Bowl Enhancements - In a nice addition to the Universal, the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer adds a removable drive shaft to the bowl. It easily locks and unlocks to allow easier and better cleaning. Also Bosch added a handle shaped rim all the way around the bowl that lets you really take hold of it and manipulate it easily.

Capacity - The already large bowl on the Bosch Universal Mixer got bigger going from a 6 quart capacity to a 6.5 quart capacity, and you better believe the motor can explore that space!

Stability - New suction cup feet absolutely lock the Bosch Universal Plus in place. We thought the previous feet did a pretty good job, but Bosch never settles. Even better at least in our opinion is the way the Bowl now locks firmly in place. The old Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine had a pretty loose connection between the bowl and the drive, the Universal Plus give you a nice turn and click into place. The bowl won't go anywhere once it's in place.

Safety Switch on the High Speed Drive - A new safety switch on the high-speed drives keeps the user from tuning on the machine without first putting on the drive cover.