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About Florence Adams

About Florence Adams

Schooldays...and history

florence adams
Florence Adams in her home garden, late 1930's

The Depression was not easy for a poor carpenter and his wife. Although they struggled, they still managed to raise a beautiful Catholic family, sacrificing comfort for the sake of their children. With the help of friends, their only daughter was able to spend her high school years at a convent boarding school near the family home. From both the Sisters and her mother she learned all those feminine virtues that are so missed today. This education encompassed everything from how to set a lovely table, to running a home and dressing beautifully and modestly. That young girl became our grandmother and as such, she has done her best to pass these treasures of a bygone era along to all of us. Her name was Florence Adams.

Our inspiration

Thus our boutique, Florence Adams, is a family affair. When one of the granddaughters, Anna, returned to the USA from Germany and Poland with over one hundred pieces of Polish Pottery in her luggage, we all fell in love with the pottery's unique designs and durability. The seeds of our present store were planted there, and Anna's infectious enthusiasm drew us to add the kitchen accessories, clothing, linens, and hats that you find here. And when it came to choosing a name for our boutique, it was only natural to honor our grandmother. She has done so much for us - this business is a tribute to her. It is her image, both in her younger years and her later, that appears throughout the site and our company logo is her signature, as she signed her name in the weeks before our store opening.

Expansion...and the road less traveled

After a year of successful business at our small Midwestern storefront, it was time to expand to the internet. Going online has allowed us to share our beautiful and unique merchandise and our confidence in it with a wider audience. We are striving to provide you classic elegance for every day, not only in your home, but in your attire; and, we hope that our site helps to put the "every day" back into beauty and modesty.

Architecture - art in everyday life

With our web-site up and running, we took the next step in our boutique's expansion. In December of 2006, we purchased a 5,000 sq. ft. building in downtown St. Marys. Fourteen renovation months later, Florence Adams was operating out of its lovely new space - and daily standing witness to the beauty that architecture can bring to everyday life. Click on Hours and Directions to see pictures, read the story, and meet the cast that brought the building back to life. We hope that our enhanced store will play its part in preserving the small-town, specialty shop way of life that we enjoy in St. Marys.

Your story

We invite you to linger over this site and you are encouraged to contact us with your suggestions, questions or your own stories. Please join us!

An afterword

Florence Adams passed to her eternal reward on April 6, 2010.  She was in her 92nd year and leaves behind 85 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Requiem aeternam, dona ea Domine.

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